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Lost Girls: A novel

Lauren Miller left home just days after graduating high school, her flight fueled by a desperate desire to escape a small town she wanted no part of, one full of dead-end jobs and a hopeless future. She took nothing with her except dreams of stardom, a soul-stirring voice, and a one-way bus ticket to Nashville shoved into the back pocket of her faded blue jeans.

She was determined to make it—and she did.

Now a country music star with throngs of adoring fans and millions in the bank, Lauren is on top of the world, and a world away from the mundane existence she left behind.

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But following a private concert in Georgia, her privileged new life is suddenly ripped from her in one violent moment. Lost and stranded deep in the heart of the rugged Smoky Mountains, her money and fame are only useless memories.

In the harsh wilderness, she’s just an ordinary woman fighting to survive.

With no hope of rescue, Lauren must once again become the tough, small-town girl she used to be if she wants to live. And in the process, she’s forced to confront a secret she has kept hidden for years—one she thought she’d left buried long ago on an Oklahoma farm.

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